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When your family’s a tribe Paradise Resort is a one-stop holiday shop!

Most parents will agree, when you have children, holidays can mean little more than moving life’s everyday chaos away from the family home – hopefully with a nice view, and better weather.

When you have a large family, the prospect becomes even more overwhelming, with logistics, cost and practicalities often feeling insurmountable.

As one member of a blended family of seven, figuring out how to take my crew on a holiday has been no easy fete.

Anywhere requiring a plane trip is cost prohibitive once the price of seven individual tickets are tallied up – not to mention food and accommodation.

A road trip? Well, if you can get past the stereo cries of ‘are we there yet?’, not to mention arguments over music and entertainment, be prepared to get your Tetris skills on as you try to squeeze seven individuals, plus their luggage, into the car – comfortably, and with enough extra bits and pieces to survive an hours-long drive.

And don’t get me started on the REAL family holiday problem everybody forgets (until they arrive) – what do you actually DO with five kids once you get there!?

Unless you’re prepared to spend a lot of cash, and a lot of time, travelling and entertaining, you’ll have a battle on your hands… and plenty of shouts of “I’m bored!”.

Mix up their ages from between 5 and 10, and things get even more hairy.

So, when we had the chance to head to Paradise Resort – less than an hour from home, in the heart of Surfers Paradise, in a room big enough for our Brady-bunch – we jumped at the chance.

While our car fit little more than ourselves, and our bags, the one-stop-shop of family holiday goodness that Paradise Resort had to offer meant the lack of scooters, beach gear and devices was of no consequence.

Room with a (multiple) views

One step into our huge family size room, and the kids were already excited. A large bedroom full of bunks for the older boys, and a single bed out near the Queen for the five-year-old.

Through the windows we caught a glimpse of what was to come, with the enormous water park in full swing.

In the bedroom, a gaming console, perfect for any modern family – especially one which chose to leave the devices and chargers at home.

The fun begins … for the kids, and the parents

But we weren’t in the room for long though. Within minutes, all five children were dressed in their swimmers, ready to head to the water park.

Whoever came up with this concept deserves a medal, for both the activity itself, and the layout.

Parents area easily able to relax on a deck chair with a cocktail, or enjoy lunch, with a clear view of every aspect of the water park – which includes a pool, spa, junior water park and the main attraction.

And in this spot, literally hours can – and did – go by.

For a change of scenery, or some dry-time, the indoor jungle gym is a haven of fun for children of all ages.

As is Dusty’s Playground, an outdoor option surrounded by chairs and tables, and a BBQ if you’re inclined to cook your own food.

For us, the kid-friendly restaurants and cafes were perfect – delicious food, casual atmosphere and noise welcome!

Continuous entertainment – at no extra cost!

Of course, with five kids of varying ages and genders, there are going to be times when everyone wants to do something – or be somewhere – different.

But at Paradise Resort there is literally a schedule of activities – totally free of cost – for the kids to get involved in.

A highlight was the Amazing Race, where the five kids formed into a team, and followed the prearranged clues in order to find the finish line.

As the kids ran and strategized like their lives depending on it, we parents raced around panting – a combination of laughter and lack of fitness.

Better yet, the kids won, and there were smiles all around, as well as an ice cream prize for each of them, and a free drink for us!

Another stand-out was the jelly-eating competition, hilarious fun for all ages, and a great excuse to eat some jelly. Not to mention the throw and dunk, where the kids loved watching dad plummet into a bucket full of cold water.

There was also a paper aeroplane competition, ball games, entertainment from the resort mascots, not to mention a visit and story time with Santa, an extreme highlight for our five-year-old.

Pay a little extra, and the options extend even further with hair braiding, muffin making, craft, and for real change of pace – and temperature – there’s a mini ice skating, which is a blast for all ages – even the little ones.

For parents who’d like a little time to themselves, there’s a fantastic kids’ club available with multiple sessions per day.

For us, the was simply so much on offer for the kids, we filled up our days with activities and fun – and were able to relax and unwind with a cocktail as we watched on, or joined in the fun.

Paradise for the entire family – without stepping out

But perhaps the best thing about holidaying at Paradise Resort with a large family and plenty of kids, is that it is literally a one-stop holiday shop.

All family members were left thoroughly entertained, having a blast and completely fulfilled by the end of our three-day trip – and we didn’t step foot outside of the venue.

The only downside was the drive home, filled with stereo cries of “when can we go back!?” – fortunately, it was a short drive back to Brissie.


Article Written by Nicole Madigan of Stella Communications 

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