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Zone 4 Kids Club Booking and Session information


  • To ensure guests have a wonderful Christmas day the following service will be available which, Whilst slightly reduced from our normal program ensures everyone can enjoy the day.
  • Zone 4 Kids will be opening Christmas Morning (Wednesday 25th) from 9am-12pm
  • Bookings are essential, please make sure you book for Zone 4 Kids Club session before 7:30pm Tuesday 24th December 
  • To ensure guests have a wonderful New Years Eve celebration, we will be extending our late night session until 1am
  • Pricing for the late night session will be as per below: 
            8:30pm -11pm 0-2 years = $40.00
            11pm - 1am 0-2 years = $60.00
            8:30pm - 11pm 3-12 years = $30.00
            11pm - 1am 3-12 years = $40.00
  • Bookings are essential, maximum numbers for each session apply and may be booked out earlier. Bookings close at 4pm on Monday 30th December
  • Full payment for these extra sessions are required at time of booking 
  • Many accommodation packages include one complimentary supervised session per child per day for 0-12 years. These may be used ONLY in the 10am or 4pm session each day.
  • We can offer care outside of these sessions for $60 per hour or part thereof. Please see our kids club staff to make a booking.
  • Only guests of Paradise Resort are able to use the Z4K club.
  • Other rates may apply for children requiring special needs care.
  • Lunch and dinner can be provided for a fee and can be selected at time of booking.
  • Meals are optional and children who are not dining will participate in an activity whilst the other children dine.
  • Most dietary needs such as celiac and other allergies are well catered for by our experienced Chef.
  • As a safety measure, no food (except baby milk/formula) can be brought into Zone 4 Kids.
  • Bookings are essential and can be made online 
  • Cancellations must be made by the booking cut off times for each session or a full session and any meal charge's will be forfeited.
  • We are not a licensed day care centre and do not offer the services and facilities of child day care centres. As a Kids Club all staff carry a Blue Card and receive ongoing training to ensure a fun holiday environment and therefore are not required to hold a qualification in Child Care.  Whilst our priority is to provide children with a fun and exciting holiday program we will not, and do not offer the same services as a full Child Centre Care.
  • Children are divided into different age groups over our themed play spaces. Sometimes this means siblings will be in different play spaces, however this will ensure each child is given the care and activities appropriate for their age.
  • For 0-2 year olds, please ensure you bring with your children: a hat, spare clothes, a minimum of three disposable nappies, wipes, bottle and formula/milk, if required, and also any comforters. For 3-4 years please bring spare clothes and a named hat. For 5-12 years please bring a named hat.
  • For Emergency contact, parents must leave mobile phones switched on at all times, not on message bank. If any member of staff feel that any child is not enjoying the activities and entertainment or is distressed, upset or misbehaving in anyway, and depending on their interpretation on the severity of the situation they may choose to contact parents for collection of the child. (It is advised that parents do not leave the resort until your child is settled).
  • All children are different and some may require special attention or dietary meals. Here at Z4K we welcome all children. Please advise any special requirements for your children at time of booking. Please note: If one on one care is required, there is an additional charge of $25 per hour (minimum of 2 hours).
  • All guests of Paradise Resort will be issued with a guest identification wristband on arrival. The wristband is a requirement of entry to Zone 4 Kids Club.