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Kids club
Paradise Resort

The Kids Zone Mini Fun Park

Let the fun begin!

Did you know that Paradise Resort is the only resort in Australia with a Kids’ Club that is available to children as young as 6 weeks to 12 years of age, open daily and many of our packages include up to 4 hours of fully supervised fun to enjoy COMPLIMENTARY when you book direct?

Children can blast off and explore the galaxy in Astro’s Space Station with pedal-powered space buggies or search for buried treasure in Under Water World. They can explore the jungles of Asia in Dusty’s Safari Room or play in the colourful ball pit in the Magic Garden where our Kids’ Club team of ‘Holiday Heroes’ provide an unrivalled activities program to entertain and engage kids of every age.

Our iconic Kids Club is a place to make new friends and create memories with fun and engaging activities designed just for kids. There are pyjama parties, disco nights, arts and crafts, carnival activities and loads more adventures waiting to be had.


Kids Zone - Junior

0-2 years

Kids Zone

3-12 years

Kids Club

The Kids Zone is located on the lower ground floor of the central building. You can access it via the stairs next to Reception or by taking the lobby lift to Lower Ground.

Let us cook for the kids with meals available in the Kids Club from $12 per child. Add a meal when you book the kids in for their session and we'll take care of the rest.

Meals are optional and children who are not dining will participate in an activity whilst the other children dine. We serve meals between 12-12:30pm, 5pm-5:30pm, and 7pm-7:30pm.  For health and safety, meals will not be saved and served after the designated service times.  


Lunch or dinner can be provided with prices starting from $12 per child.

Dietary Requirements

Most dietary needs (such as coeliac and other allergies) are well catered for by our experience chef. As a safety measure no food can be brought in the Kids Club. Please note we are a nut-free zone.


Cheese & Tomato Sandwich


Price includes a sandwich, fresh fruit, sweet treat and a drink

Chicken & Lettuce Sandwich


Price includes a sandwich, fresh fruit, sweet treat and a drink

Ham & Cheese Sandwich


Price includes a sandwich, fresh fruit, sweet treat and a drink

Vegemite Sandwich


Price includes a sandwich, fresh fruit, sweet treat and a drink




Steamed Rice, Teriyaki Chicken



Sausage, Mash, Steamed Vegetables and Gravy



Crumbed Fish, Sweet Potato Chips, Steamed Vegetables



Lasagne, Garlic Bread, Steamed Vegetables



Spaghetti Bolognese, Garlic Bread



Chicken Nuggets, Potato Chips, Steamed Vegetables



Party Pies, Mash Potato, Green Peas, Gravy

Our unrivalled holiday care program offers a range of fully supervised sessions daily for children 0-12 years to choose from with some packages including one complimentary session per child per stay.  Sessions do not accumulate and must be used or they will be forfeited.  

Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are operating at a slightly reduced capacity and session numbers are limited so may sell out.  We highly recommend advanced bookings so you don't miss out and you can view all sessions and make a booking here

Our Kids Club is only available to guests staying at Paradise Resort and cannot be booked for visiting friends and family.  Click here to read our visitors policy.

A two-hour session starts from $20 per child 0-2years and from $40 per child 3-12years. Additional fees may apply for children with special needs or requiring one-on-one care. As part of our book direct perks, when you book direct with the resort you will receive ONE COMPLIMENTARY session per child per STAY so check your reservation details to see what's included. 


What happens when we drop off our kids?
After signing your child in, you are welcome to stay and settle your child for the first 5-10 minutes. Note this is for Junior Kids Club (0-2) only. For Kids Club (3-12)it will be 'Kiss and Drop' at the front desk. Our staff take 15 minutes to explain what’s happening so the Kids Club can run safely and be an amazing experience for your child. Keep in mind that while you can leave the resort for a well-earned break, we do ask that you remain contactable via the mobile number you provided at the time of booking and be able to collect your cherubs within 30 minutes.

Can we expect the same services that we get from our child care centre?
No, the Kids Zone is not a child care centre. Whilst our staff are very capable of providing activities and entertaining your children we are not a qualified child care centre. Therefore should your child become distressed or ask for you we will contact you for collection. All staff do hold a Blue Card, First Aid certificate and are CPR certified.

Does our child have to stay for the whole session?
No, you can drop off or collect your child at any time, however, if your child has booked a meal, they are served at 12pm, 5pm and 7pm and will not be served after the designated meal times.

Can my child sign themselves out?
If your child is over 10 years of age, once you have completed the online booking and checked them in for their first visit, they are able to sign themselves out of the Kids Club unless you advise our staff otherwise. Children under 10 years of age must be collected by a parent or guardian.


What happens if my child doesn’t want to participate in all activities in Z4K Junior?
We will provide opportunities for your child to participate in all activities but at no time will we force them to join in.
What happens when our kids in the Z4K Junior get upset?
If your child is upset or distressed our staff will do everything to settle your child. This may involve taking your child outside to play, to Coral Cove to watch a movie or popping your child into a pram as this is something that is universal to every child and usually helps with the settling process. If we are unable to settle your child within 30 minutes (in any of our age groups) we will call you to come and collect your child and you are welcome to call us at any time to see how your little ones are doing. Just remember no news from us is good
news! We are not able to guarantee that all children will be comfortable with staying for the 4 hour session.
My child is not toilet trained, what is the process to ensure they are kept clean?
Children 3-12 years must be toilet trained or they will not be able to attend. For children 0-2 years in Zone 4 Kids we regularly check and record nappy changing, feeding times and sleep times during every session. However whilst staff follow rigid procedures to immediately respond to each child’s needs accidents do happen and sometimes there can be a small time delay.


What activities can they expect to be doing?
Each session is themed and has different activities, craft and games. Many of these activities are run by the Holiday Heroes who enjoy the activities just as much as the children. More craft opportunities are available in the morning session as the evening session is more structured for large groups. See our daily activity sheet at the Kids Club for a full list of activities.
Are the sessions fully structured or is there an opportunity for the kids to do their own thing?
Free play is generally quite limited, unless we have a low volume of children in the session, as we find that having a structured program maintains an entertaining atmosphere.


My children are in separate age groups, can I put them all together?
We are unable to provide this as we have specially designed programs that are structured for the specific age groups to ensure safety and maximum enjoyment.
I’m entitled to one complimentary session per child per STAY, however the online booking form is showing me there is a charge?
If your package includes a complimentary session, you will be issued with a code to claim your session/s when you arrive at the resort.  You can select either session 1, 2 OR 3 as your complimentary session and provided this is the only session booked that day, once you enter the code there will be no charge. If you choose to book additional sessions then the charge shown for those sessions will apply.
What if I need to cancel my booking or cannot arrive at the start of the session?  It is imperative that you contact us prior to your scheduled session, as we have a high demand for each session.  If you need to cancel your booking, it must be done at least 2 hours before the session starts. Please contact us directly at 5579 4420.  If you are unable to arrive within 30 minutes of the session start time, your booking will be forfeited.  Failing to cancel a booking or arriving past the 30 minute session start time will result in you forfeiting any further complimentary sessions. 
I am out of the resort and would like my child to stay on for the next session?
Absolutely, just call our Holiday Heroes an hour before the session ends on 07 5579 4420 so we can arrange additional staff. Charges for extra sessions will apply.


We know some kids can be more boisterous than others so what happens if you see this or experience bullying?
We understand kids will be kids however bullying will not be tolerated in Z4K. We encourage children to approach our Holiday Heroes if they have any concerns. If any child shows signs of bullying and we are unable to control this, they will not be allowed to stay at Z4K.


Our kids don’t always eat their meals and sometimes get caught up playing and say they aren’t hungry. How do you handle this?
All meals are served between 12pm-12.30pm and 5pm-5.30pm. Due to health and safety regulations we cannot hold food past this time. Whilst we encourage children to eat their meals, we will not force them. Meals are non-refundable. If you have selected for your child not to have a meal, they will continue to have free play or play games.
Can I bring in food for my child?
No food is not permitted for safety reasons, as food allergies are very common
among children.
Does my child get snacks every session?
No, the snacks listed are part of various themed sessions and used when participating in some games. We ask you this question in case your child has an allergy.
What if my child cannot eat what is on the menu?
We cater for children with varied special dietary requirements (please see Z4K staff at the time of your booking). You also have the option of signing your child out for lunch/dinner and then bringing them back for more fun.


My child has allergies/anaphylaxis/special needs. What do you do to minimise risks?
Our team are made aware of children with any allergies/special needs at the beginning of the session. If a child is thought to have an allergic reaction, parents will be contacted immediately and if necessary an ambulance will be called. If your child is anaphylactic you are required to provide an Epipen.
My child needs medication can you administer this?
No. We cannot administer any kind of medication during any sessions. You are more than welcome to come down during the session and administer any required medication.

Explore our famous

Space Room

It's school holidays everyday in the Kids Zone and Mum and Dad get to have some time out too!

Space Room

Enter into worlds of fun via the Space Room, with its bright orange and pink planets, asteroids and alien space creatures.

Underwater world

Explore the world beneath the sea with a submarine slide, hidden grottos and caves. Search for sunken treasure on the pirate ship and sea bed walk but keep an eye out as Captain could make you walk the plank.

Egyptian Room

Its ancient pyramid and Egyptian mummy set the scene for adventure. Dance parties, movie nights and fun and games are just some of the action packed program.

Astro's Space Station

Blast off and explore the galaxy at Astro's Space Station where Astronauts can enjoy hours of fun on our pedal powered space buggies complete with a space fueling station.

Dusty's Safari

Pack your binoculars and join Dusty on Safari as you explore the jungle. Keep your eyes peeled for animals roaming the wild including tigers, elephants, panda bears, giraffes, monkeys and more. But be careful as magical things are known to happen in the enchanted forest.

Krazy 4 Kraft

Create a masterpiece, learn new crafts, or make a special souvenir to remember your holiday. Sessions available from 2-4pm daily.  

Magic Garden

And sunny blue skies. Play with new friends surrounded by giant frogs, beautiful butterflies and soaring hot air balloons. Dive into the ball pit, play dress ups, or enjoy craft and activities with our caring staff.

Junior Adventure Park

An outdoor wonderland where the youngest of children can enjoy age appropriate fun.

What's on at Kids Club?

Our Kids Club provides a range of daily sessions with a host of fun activities designed just for kids.  Enjoy pyjama parties, disco nights, arts and crafts, carnival activities and loads more.