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Waterpark_Night_HeroSlideZone 4 Kids Club - Ball Pit

Play at Paradise Resort

Meet Captain and his Friends!




Ahoy! Me Hearties! I be the Captain of Paradise Resort. I travelled the globe far and wide, swashbucklin the high seas, in search of a pirate’s paradise. T’was nowhere to be found until shiver me timbers! My ship crash landed into the Zone 4 Kids and I’ve been here ever since! Keep an eye out your port holes Buccaneers, for I walk the resort daily and would love to welcome you to my paradise! Don’t be shy and shake my hand else you be walkin the plank!


Captain likes:  Treasure Hunts, Water Slides and Pizza.

Favourite colour: Red






Astro is our "Out of this World" friend all the way from a planet called Bubbletown. He has a rocket backpack "and he ain't afraid to fly it" all around the galaxy. He can also be spotted showing off this moves, ice skating in Planet Chill. Be sure to give him a high-five when you see this cool dude around the resort.


Astro likes:  Starships, Laser Tag and ice-cream.

Favourite colour: Dark Blue 










Cleo is a sparkling princess from a land far, far away called Glittertown. Cleo loves to dance and you can join her as she shares some of her moves during the live character show on stage by the waterpark! Cleo is also a super talented cook and loves to make cookies and cupcakes. Join her and her friends for cupcake decorating. 


Cleo likes: Cupcakes, face painting and dancing.

Favourite colour: Pink 









Dusty is our mate from the Outback. When he's not wrestling a crocodile or saving native, Aussie wildlife from pesky critters, he hangs out here at Paradise Resort Gold Coast. Dusty loves an adventure and he loves even more to take you along with him. Check out his Adventureland, Safari and Jungle Gym during your stay and be sure to say G'day as he makes his appearances around the resort.  


Dusty likes: Churros, hot dogs and water slides.

Favourite colour: Green