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Paint and sip

Find out all about our new activity, as well as some of the best reasons to get creative.

You’ve seen it all over Instagram – now, the paint and sip fun is coming to your favourite family resort, Paradise Resort!

From now until the end of January, on selected Friday and Saturday nights, we invite the public (from $40pp, $35pp per child) and resort guests (from $30pp, $25pp per child) to come together for paint and sip at Paradise Resort. You’ll receive all of your painting materials, a complimentary drink on arrival and a cheese/snack platter to share, all  included in your ticket.

Better yet, we’re also offering Family Paint and Sip on Mondays at 3.45pm from the start of the December school holidays. Oh, and we’re also getting set to add Paint and Sip Parties to our line-up of party packages, so keep on eye on our party pages for updates!

Our Paint and Sip sessions are open to the public, however all children must be accompanied by at least one paying adult.

Help your creativity come to life in one of our many upcoming Paint and Sip sessions, which are suitable for all ages and skill levels. Why wouldn’t you? There are so many benefits to getting creative, including…

Improved mental health

From problem solving to helping you express yourself, there are so many ways being creative nourishes your brain. The creative process can help people manage their negative emotions, and even work through traumatic experiences that can be difficult to articulate. The sense of productivity and satisfaction you feel when you finish a creative project is the ultimate mood booster, helping you improve your self-esteem and confidence. Research even suggests that being creative reduces the likelihood of depression and anxiety, but that’s not all – it can also improve the effects of dementia.

Stress relief

Whether you use your hands, your mind or your voice, creativity is like a form of meditation – time moves slower, you become more in touch with yourself and feel free to create whatever you feel like. Much like traditional meditation, creativity is said to calm your body and your brain as you focus on the task at hand. You can truly get ‘in the zone’. But these benefits aren’t just mental – stress relief also offers physical rewards, with studies showing that it can improve your sleep, appetite and even immune system, reducing your blood pressure and the production of immunosuppressive stress hormones.

Better connection

Creativity can benefit you and the people around you in equal measure. Getting together with friends, neighbours or even strangers to create something is a valuable bonding activity, allowing you to broach subjects you may never discuss if you simply talk face to face. But the community benefits don’t end there – why not give the things you craft to the people you love? Receiving something handmade is the ultimate show of affection and can be passed down (and treasured) through generations or used to show kindness to someone in need.

Better self-esteem

Being creative just feels good. From taking a moment out of your busy day to put paintbrush to paper, to the feeling you get when your creation turns out ‘not so bad after all,’ creating something out of nothing is a great self-esteem booster. One study even found that just 45 minutes of free art making was enough to improve a person’s confidence, with 73 percent of participants (aged 18 to 59) reporting an increase in self-esteem – pretty impressive, given the short timeframe! Imagine how much creativity could boost your confidence over time?

Boosts your brain power

There’s a reason your parents were always telling you to be creative – it’s not just for fun, but can actually make you smarter, too! Being creative is great for children’s brain development, as creative tasks require us to use parts of the brain that aren’t usually engaged for day-to-day tasks. For example, musicians typically have better brain connectivity than those who haven’t grown up playing music as the practice of playing an instrument uses their analytical left brain and the subjective right.

As renowned author/teacher/artist Julia Cameron once said, “Creativity is God’s gift to us” – why not make the most of that gift on your next family holiday?

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