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Meet our mascot, Captain Dane!

A rascal, a treasure hunter and a downright scallywag, Captain Dane makes life at Paradise Resort a lot more exciting. Our resident pirate, Captain once sailed the world in search of treasure. But, after shipwrecking off the coast of Budds Beach, he decided to drop anchor permanently and say ‘Ahoy!’ to life at Paradise Resort – which he now sees as the ultimate treasure.

Instead of leaving the water forever, Captain decided to build the water park to resemble a pirate’s ship on land, sharing his love of the sea with his friends at Paradise Resort.

He loves nothing more than making kids walk the plank at the Dunk Tank, and tipping over the water park bucket to soak everyone close by. Captain has even been known to make dads compete in a belly flop competition. It’s true – no one is safe from the scourge of Captain Dane!

Because his buccaneering days are all but behind him, Captain is notorious for creating fun new – albeit slightly crazy – games. Don’t miss out on the chance to try his scavenger hunt, or the brand-new Amazing Race around Paradise Resort.

Captain visits the land-lovers whenever he can, and always takes opportunities to have a balloon-sword fight – if he can find a brave enough competitor, that is.

You’ll find him hosting his very own show, ‘Captain and Friends Live,’ with his mates Astro, Dusty and Cleo every Saturday night. He and Cleo also team up for a school holiday gameshow, and Captain has been known to don funny costumes on Fancy Dress Fridays all year round.

Speaking of costumes, if you’re looking out for Captain, keep your eyes peeled for his pirate boots and eye patch – you can’t miss him! You’ll find him in his big coat and pirate hat singing a sea-shanty or two. Yes, it’s a pirate’s life for him.

If you’re planning on paying a visit to Paradise Resort to adventure alongside Captain Dane, be sure to stop by in April – that’s his birthday! April is Captain’s favourite time of year; it’s still warm enough to make kids walk the plank. Resort guests will even get to enjoy a piece of pirate-themed cake and a bevvy of treasure treats, and even have the opportunity to decorate a pirate ship of their very own. You might even be lucky enough to hunt for treasure in Captain’s piñata game. To view the Facebook event page with all the details, click here.

Ahoy indeed!

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