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Meet our mascot, Astro!

Once upon a time, Astro was a brave space traveller exploring galaxies far, far away. Ten years ago, he left his home of Bubbleton in search of a place he could make friends of the human variety, go on adventures and most importantly, have fun. He found it at Paradise Resort.

Ever since, Astro has called Paradise Resort his home away from home. While he still likes to return to Bubbleton to visit his outer space friends from time to time, he is sure that Paradise Resort is the best place to be in the whole universe – and he would know!

Here at Paradise Resort, Astro spends his days rocketing around the ice rink at Planet Chill – he loves feeling like he is floating in a bubble – and making friends in Penguins restaurant. He loves living in Astros Alley, one of the four wings of Paradise Resort, and can often be found taking long naps – it’s hard work being a space explorer, after all.

On Saturdays at 2.15pm, you’ll always find Astro performing in ‘Captain and Friends Live’. No stranger to the spotlight, he even hosts a game show during the school holidays with his very best friend, Dusty.

But that’s not all. See, Astro loves dancing and tends to take ‘Dancing with the Stars’ literally – you may spot him floating around in space, doing the moonwalk or the robot. Keen to join him? Astro is always ready to make new friends and teach resort guests his famous Bubble Dance.

Keep an eye out for our space explorer friend next time you visit Paradise Resort. You’ll find him wearing a helmet and space suit, even here on earth, which has lots of buttons to allow him to fly. He also has a bubble backpack which he uses to communicate with his friends Captain, Cleo and Dusty.

Bubbly, inquisitive and always dancing, Paradise Resort just wouldn’t be the same without Astro. Each year, we celebrate his birthday on July 10 with a giant cake – this year, it even had a big rocket ship on it! Astro thought it was ‘out of this world’. To celebrate his 11th birthday at Paradise Resort, staff and guests will be gathered at the Outdoor stage to sing Happy Birthday and enjoy some delicious cake on Saturday 2nd of July. To view the event page, click here.

Keen to meet Astro in person? Book your stay at Paradise Resort.

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