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Why Paradise Resort is a Parent’s Dream!


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Any parent knows that when it comes to taking a holiday, the prospect is often a lot more relaxing than the reality.

You end up packing half the house, because you just know the kids will be bored within five minutes of walking into the hotel room.

Which is why Paradise Resort is a parent’s dream!




Paradise Resort is designed for kids AND parents, meaning there’s plenty to do for everyone, from the moment you park the car.

I’ve stayed at Paradise Resort a number of times now, and the kids never get sick of it. But that doesn’t mean parents trudge around in a child’s paradise with nothing for themselves.


The ample choice for kids, and the clever layout of activities, means parents are able to sit back and relax.


In fact there is so much to do, it would be impossible to list it all, so here are my top five favourite aspects of staying at Paradise Resort.


1. The waterpark

Suffice to say the waterpark is an absolute highlight of Paradise Resort. There are two, a larger one and a smaller one, plus a pool and spa. There’s enough going on to keep the kids happy for hours, yet their safe and provide easy visibility to parents. Better yet, there are plenty of outdoor tables and chairs meaning parents can actually sit down and have a drink or meal, while watching their children have a ball.




2. The playgrounds

My kids love the fact that there are numerous playgrounds scattered around the resort. Making a plan to head to a specific playground feels like a mini-excursion and enables the kids to burn off some energy. There’s also a barbecue at Dusty’s Playground so you can really have a change of pace.




3. Ice skating

Being on the sunny Gold Coast, having access to an ice skating rink is a real novelty. No experience is necessary with safety penguins available and toddler skates as well. And it’s not just the kids having all the fun, when I took mine, I was the last one standing (though I did require a penguin!).




4. Kids club

The kids club is a stack of fun for kids, filled with activities, snacks and games. Of course it gives parents a much needed chance to be able to enjoy the wide range of adult activities available at the resort.




5. Easy meals

One of the trickiest aspects to going on holidays is the constant need to go out for dinner. Kids are often tired at the end of a long day and can be disruptive. At Paradise Resort, kids being kids is welcome, so you can all enjoy a meal without being too stressed. And if they’re just too tired, you can grab your meal to go.




Written by Nicole Madigan