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What Is The Big Deal With Paradise Resort Gold Coast


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We have visited Paradise Resort Gold Coast twice in the past and our kids have had a blast both times.  If you are wondering what the big deal about Paradise Resort is I have shared a bit about what we loved below. 


What was great!!

– Seeing my kids play together for hours with only a few minor moments of bickering.

– Not having to get in and out of the car to go to different activities with the kids and having them excited, amused and not nagging about being bored all day.

– Deciding to get my fun mum (and togs) on and spending the morning going on slides and the  water park with my 2 older girls.  This was my best highlight as it was so nice to laugh, smile and have heaps of fun for a few hours with the girls without having to be the nagging parent.



– It was great to have so many activities and facilities for the kids in such close proximity to our room.  It is hard of times doing the holiday thing when you have children of all different ages due to day naps and daily routines being different.  What was great about Paradise Resort is we could be out with the bigger kids and when baby Ellis fell asleep I could zip back to our room which was only 2 minutes away to put him down (and have a rest myself) while the bigger kids kept playing with dad. #winning

– Another great thing about the rooms being so close to all of the activities for kids is after a few hours of hard core play it was only a 2 minute walk back to our room for the kids to have  a rest before they were at it again.  They were pretty excited to have a TV in their room (not something we have at home) and we didn’t mind them watching it when they came back for a rest and snack.  Despite the fact that there were lots of people at the resort and lots of loud fun happening in the main water park area our room was very peaceful and quiet so it a great and relaxing escape from the activities when we all needed it.




– The food was way better than expected.  In my experience of “family food”, options are often limited and quite greasy.  Chicken nuggets, pizza, chips and cheeseburgers were still on the menu but there were also salad, steak and fresh food options.  There was a fresh juice bar and 100% fruit ice cream options for the kids so it didn’t have to be back to back junk food.


Since our last visit to Paradise Resort they have added a few new additions to the fun including

  • Virtual Reality
  • Dunk Tank
  • Teddy Bear Workshops
  • 9metre Cliff Hanger Slide
  • Adults only bar area, cooking demonstrations, wine and cheese tasting, Sangria Sundays, Karaoke, Trivia


For me as a mum of 3 my days are crazy busy.  I am in and out of the car at least 3 times most days driving around in circles getting to all of the places for all of the things.  I find this exhausting more than anything else.

What I love about Paradise Resort is that it is all there in the one place.  We can take our 3 kids for a holiday and if we want, we don’t have to get back into the car to go places we just need to walk outside our bedroom door.  This for me is one of the best things.




Another part of the Paradise Resort deal is you get a 4 hour kids club session per day to have your children supervised while you do whatever you like.  One addition they have added recently is an adults only space where you can sit child free and have a beverage.  This has been a big hit with parents.


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