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How to Have a Good Family Holiday!


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Let's get the elephant out of the room, the best family holiday = leaving the kids at home - Ha ha!

I am only joking!!! BUT SERIOUSLY..holidays just aren't like they used to be.


Our Family Holiday


Taking the kids on holidays can sometimes be more stressful than staying at home,the overspend, the whinging kids, the overweight baggage.

BUT I HAVE A SOLUTION as it really doesn't need to be a negative experience, if you make sure you're catering for the needs of the whole family.

Here's how to  have a GLORIOUS family holiday- just like the ones you've always dreamed of!


Play gym at the foyer of Paradise Resort - Kids loved it!


Step 1, When deciding where you want to go - Involve the kids!

That way if it turns out to be a lemon... it's everyone's fault- lol!

On a serious note though , when the kids are involved it makes them feel like they've got ownership of the holiday and the more fun they'll have.

Prior to involving the kids make sure you've done your home work first. 

Get together with your partner and shortlist places that have all of your needs and wants, 3 options would be enough.


We've got our own room Mum and it has a T.V


Once you've shortlisted your 3 locations look through each website with the kids, grab a pen and paper and write the different locations at the top of each piece of paperdiscuss the different benefits of each location.

Talk to them what kind of things they'd like to do,  show them picturesand write down the pros and cons of each. 

Our most recent holiday was at Paradise Resort - the kids chose this place, we were all STOKED with how the holiday went.

Then as a family make your choice.


The kids deciding where we're staying


Step 2, Pack light - over packing can really create massive overwhelm and more jobs for you when you get home.

Make sure you know your baggage limit and weigh your bags before you leave, there is nothing worse than having to pay ridiculous amounts of money because you've over packed. (tip you can transfer weight between family members if needed, I did this on a recent trip).


Playing computer games with Dad in the games room at Paradise Resort


Ask the kids to lay out the clothes that they'd like to take on the bed.  I then like to lay out the clothes for each day, this is a great way not to fall into the trap of over packing.   

If it's a long holiday you'll need to factor in a trip to the Laundromat, this is waaaay better than over packing and coming home to a huge pile to a huge stinky pile of clothes to wash.



Walking through the Foyer to see this at Paradise Resort - happy kids


Step 3, Find a hotel/resort that LIKES to have kids stay there

There's NOTHING worse than staying somewhere where you can FEEL that the other guests really wish you weren't' there.  The looks of disgust when your kid bomb dives into the pool RIGHT next to them... or they double dip there ice-cream in the chocolate sprinkles.  

Or they lay on the floor of the restaurant because they don't like anything on the menu. 


Waiting for Planet Chill to open


Not that my kids would ever do such  things OF COURSE NOT.... But  I could imagine it would be embarrassing for the parents of the naughty children if this was to happen to them *wink wink*

In 2015 we stayed at Paradise Resort  this place didn't just like kids - the whole resort is built for them.

It's so good that we're heading back there in September this year.


Decorating cupcakes


Step 4, Choose a place that naturally draw other families

It's a massive bonus when there's lots of kids staying where you're family is staying because hopefully  your kids will make new friends which will then mean .... they leave you alone(I know clever aren't I)

Besides that MASSIVE bonus they're creating wonderful memories of holiday friends that will last forever.


Lots of kids to play with


Step 5,  The hotel/resort must have a KIDS CLUB... KIDS CLUB... KIDS CLUB!  Did I say KIDS CLUB!

Whoever came up with these beauties are ABSOULUTE LEGENDS!

When choosing your hotel/resort make sure the kids club doesn't just consist of the kids being lumped in front of the TV. 

Paradise resort is by far the best kids club I’ve ever experienced, there was so much to do!



The best thing about kids club is that I get to go on a date with this man (my husband)- WINNING!

A night without the kids is wonderful and refreshing for everyone. 

The best thing about kids club is that they have fun as well as you so it's a big tick to all involved. 


My date - my husband!


Step 6, Choose somewhere that's inclusive so it doesn't break the bank

For me this is a must because it's just to hard trying to afford to go on a family holiday that doesn't cost an absolute fortune.

We found Paradise resort back in 2015 and it really suited our budget and gave us the relief of knowing that nearly everything was included.

I'm happy to share that Paradise Resort are having a special where the Kids Stay, Play and Eat FREE!

Our family fully endorse this resort, if you choose to stay there we hope you love it as much as us.

Ben, Kristy, Maya and Tex




Kristy, Ben, Tex and Maya


Every child 0-12years receives up to 4 hours of supervised care each day in the famous Zone 4 Kids Club which allows parents time to escape the daily routine and indulge in some precious down time as well as FREE Kids meals and much more. 

Complete with a giant Water Park, Ice-Skating Rink, Indoor and Outdoor Playground, Kids Club for 0-12years, Free Daily Activities and loads more, Paradise Resort is Heaven for Kids...Paradise for Parents!


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