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Awesome Family Holidays gives you 5 reasons to love Paradise Resort


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We LOVE Paradise Resort in Surfers Paradise, it’s one of the BEST family holiday experiences on the Gold Coast.

Yes the rooms are a little dated, yes the place could do with a facelift BUT who cares, it’s a purpose built kids resort, and we LOVE it!  

From the two story jungle gym located right in the middle of reception, to the the waterpark, kids club, rock climbing, ice skating, adventure parks and much more, Paradise Resort is a dream holiday for kids, and when I walk in the door I take a deep breath and know, my kids are going to be entertained for hours, and I’m going to get a break.

Located slap bang, in the middle of Surfers Paradise the resort is close to everything, the beach, the shopping, the light rail and only 15 minutes to the theme parks.  But to be honest we don’t care about any of that, we literally don’t leave the resort the entire time of our stay.

This is a MUST DO family holiday and these are my Top 5 reasons your family will LOVE Paradise Resort, Gold Coast.




#1 – Zone 4 Kids Club (Z4K) is the best on the Gold Coast


To say my kids LOVE the Kids Club would be an understatement.

It’s a mini fun park, a kids wonderland with themed play spaces and tonnes of activities and interactive games and it’s all fully supervised by a professional team of kid wranglers.  No kid too wild for these seasoned professionals. (Children 0-12)  

Divided into groups based on age and spread out across the 9 themed play areas, my kids run in the door and don’t want to come out.  PERFECT!

MAKE SURE you book an accommodation package that includes one complimentary session to the kids club, per child, per day of our stay, it will SAVE YOU MONEY!


# 2 – Z4K Waterpark, The Pool & Spa


No matter what time of year you’re planning to visit Paradise Resort, your kids are going to want to get in some serious pool, spa and waterpark action.

Come on this is Queensland, beautiful one day, PERFECT the next, so pack your toggs (Queensland slang for swimwear) and get in the pool.

If you’re visiting in winter you’ll be happy to know the pool and spa are heated and thank goodness cause your kids are going to be in there for hours.  The waterpark on the other hand, well it’s not heated but that didn’t stop my crazy kids having an awesome time.

And if the pool is not your thing or you just can’t be bothered getting wet, there are big comfy sun beds positioned all around the pool area, so why not order yourself a cocktail and lay back and watch the kids wear themselves out.


#3 – The Food is TASTY & AFFORDABLE


I’m so impressed with the food at the resort that I got all carried away and became one of those people who takes photo’s of everything they eat.  

For this holiday we opted to buy every meal in-house and it was FANTASTIC!

I like my family to eat good, nutritious food, some of us are fussy and I’m always on some new diet so it can be hard when we’re relying on cafe’s and restaurants to provide everything we need.

I can honestly say the food options and the quality of the food at the Paradise Resort far exceeded my expectations and it was TOTALLY AFFORDABLE.  What a nice surprise!

The Bistro has been renovated and themed like a 50’s style diner, the menu has something for everyone for breakfast and dinner and KIDS EAT FOR $8.  My kids LOVED the breaky buffet.

The Poolside Cafe and Bar overlooking the waterpark, pool and spa offers casual dining and a relaxed atmosphere, breakfast, lunch and dinner and this is where we ate most of our meals during our stay.

Seriously, everything we ordered, every single meal, pizza, sandwich, cake, ice cream, coffee and cocktail was delicious and affordable.

At last, a resort where you can feed your family great food for an affordable price.




#4 – Ice Skating at Planet Chill


Can you believe it?  Planet Chill, an ice skating rink, right there at the resort.  Can this place get any better?

My youngest three kids will give anything a go and I can’t believe how quickly they picked up ice skating, even I strapped on some skates and gave it a whirl.  Now don’t get me wrong we all spent a fair bit of time sliding on the ice on our bum but before we knew it we were gliding along to the beat of the music feeling like we were the most graceful skaters since Torvill and Dean.

Book into the session that fits in with all your other activities the best, slap on a couple of extra layers of clothes hit the ice, it’s so much fun.


#5 – The new ride, CLIFF HANGER is AWESOME!


2016 has seen a new addition to the fun at Paradise Resort with the erection of giant slide best known as Cliff Hanger.

Of course my boys LOVED it and climbed the stair at least 50 times over the weekend to enjoy the thrill of sliding 9 meters straight down.

I really appreciate that all focus is on safety and fun at this resort and although outside of the kids club, parents are responsible for the supervision of their children, there is a peace of mind that comes with knowing that all around the resort there are life guards and friendly staff watching over your kids too.




What kids say about Paradise Resort...


Charli (Age 10) I LOVE the Paradise Resort!  The Kids Club is so good.  There is LAZER TAG and so much other cool stuff to do that I don’t want to leave.  I really like night swims with my family and going to bed late.  The ice cream’s from the cafe are delicious.  My brother LOVES the buffet breakfast, he eats so much he nearly wants to vomit.


Mitchell (Age 9) I love it there.  The ice skating is fun and slippery and you can have a turn at being the DJ.  You MUST go to the kids club because you probably don’t know anyone there but you end up making friends.  All of this might cost a lot of money BUT it’s so worth it.


Kai (Age 13) I loved the Paradise Resort when I went for the first time when I was 9 and I still love it now at 13.  It’s such a great holiday with my family cause my annoying little brother and sister go into the kids club and I can just relax beside the pool, drink milkshakes and chill.  The ice skating is pretty cool and I always smash my family at lazer tag.  The food is amazing, omg the pizza and the milkshakes are incredible.  I definitely recommend Paradise Resort.  

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