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Catriona Rowntree Reviews Paradise Resort


Posted in: Resort


When I first walked into Paradise Resort I took a deep breath. ‘Ok then,’ I thought, ‘the kids are in charge!’ This is one of those resorts where every element has been thought of, to keep your little ankle biters happy.


We’re talking jungle gyms in the lobby, an ice skating rink (on the Goldie!), bucket loads of pools, literally and even staff dressed up as fairytale characters. But as I ventured further into the hotel and chatted to parents, to my surprise they were all loving the resort just as much as the children. I thought they’d be exhausted due to all the activities, but no, when you supply a brilliant, safe and exciting Kids Club and hotel…everyone has smiles all round! Heavens, when I interviewed one couple, who were reclined on a banana lounge whilst watching their 2 kids line up for the water slide, they were so happy I ordered them a couple of Pina Coladas just to complete the perfect picture.


WaterPark - Night Time.jpg


The hotel rooms are basic, but fitted to appeal to families. I noticed little kids steps in the bathrooms and there’s even a small supermarket near the lobby where you can easily look after your children food wise in your room. For those who care (me!) the beach is a few minutes walk away and I love the nearby Mermaid Beach Surf Club as a brilliant and family friendly restaurant.




Do you think we mention Dreamworld now? Ok, let’s go there. The first true theme park on the Goldie, the biggest, this place just rocks. For me, the point of difference is that you could happily spend the whole day there. I’d start early with a private walk with the Tigers. Oh yeah, Tigers baby and they are sooo cuuuute! You’ll want to take them home, but you’d end up in jail, so just enjoy them there and know you’re contributing to Dreamworlds amazing Wildlife Foundation that contributes millions to saving the Tigers native habitat, research and education.

If your looking for awesome rides, Dreamworld has ’em all. If you find my head somewhere on the Hot Wheels rollercoasters though, do please send it back to me. I lost it somewhere on the loop the loop.




I know your children won’t care about this detail, but I sure think it’s worth letting you know there is great coffee available and healthy food options. I’m proud to say that there weren’t that many chicken and salad wraps left when I went to go and buy mine. A couple of things I would’ve liked to have explored more, but my head hurt, was the Peter Brock display of cars. It really looked spectacular and I loved the loos there. Yep, you gotta see to believe. Just trust me. I know my sons will be obsessed with the Lego display happening there too.

All in all, I just loved this place, I really did spend the WHOLE day there and am so glad I wore comfy shoes. Try not to take too much with you, you don’t want the hassle, but do remember sunscreen, a full battery on your phone so you get lots of tiger pics and smile at the camera when your on those rides…you’ll be laughing at the memories made for years.


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