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5 Great reasons to holiday at Paradise Resort


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As a single parent I get that going on holiday on your own with a child or two can be a nightmare and can put you in an anxious state. Sometimes it’s just easier to stay at home right? If you do some research and plan ahead, your holiday time can be amazing and rewarding.

If you are in Australia, or travelling to Australia, here’s 5 reasons a single parent should absolutely consider staying at Paradise Resort, Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

It’s MADE for kids.

When I say MADE for kids, I mean it! Setting the tone straight away as soon as you walk in is the reception area. Check-in is a breeze with no kids pulling at your jeans while you are getting your room key because they are playing in the giant jungle gym in the foyer. The rest of the resort is just as amazing, a water park (one for the littlies as well), ice-rink, go-karts, amazing staff in a dedicated kids club, movie nights, dress up days, slides and dozens of planned activities each day. It’s mind boggling. There is actually no reason to leave the resort. The kids won’t want to leave, which is great for you because you won’t have to cart them around the place to keep them entertained. Busy kids = happy kids and a happy single parent with time to maybe have a cocktail or two in peace.

Kid’s Club.

There’s kids club’s and then there’s KIDS CLUBS!  I’ve always been a bit of the opinion if you are going on holidays to spend time with your kids, why send them to a kids club – here’s why – THEY ACTUALLY WANT TO GO!  These kids clubs are incredible.  One session per day is included in your accommodation, which is brilliant and gives you a few hours alone time to relax by the pool, go shopping, have an in-room massage, or have a sleep!  Single parent’s take note, this resort means you get a ‘holiday’ too.




Kid Friendly menus, restaurants & opening times.

Lots of kid-friendly food options all throughout the resort.  I have an ‘early eater’ both breakfast and dinner, the restaurants and cafe’s opening hours cater to this.  It need not cost the earth either, kids eat for $8 anywhere in the resort.  Bonus.  There’s even a little supermarket in house that sells loads of snacks, ice-creams, nappies, wipes, sunscreen and even alcohol for the parents!

The rooms are insanely good.

Entry level ‘resort rooms’ have been revamped and are ample space for a single parent with one or two children and modern. These rooms are hotel style with different bed configurations, and come with the added bonus of a kitchenette (microwave, bar fridge, kettle, tea/coffee). You can even hire an Xbox & games from the front desk and hook it up to the tv. Told you it was kid-friendly! For bigger families there are other amazing rooms with separate kids areas, bunks and even interconnecting rooms.



You can pay it off in installments,

This is was a big one for me. Entry level rooms are around $180 per night, but well worth it considering everything it includes, watch out for specials during the year and try to avoid school holidays if you can, if only for the price hike. To secure the booking all that’s needed is deposit. You can either pay the balance when you arrive, or you can make one or more regular payments via the B-pay details sent to you on the booking notice. I actually paid some money every fortnight so it was all paid for when I got up there. I find saving for a holiday really difficult as single parent, especially when there are so many bills to pay for. This way I didn’t notice it as much.

This resort is really great. It’s just a short bus ride to theme parks, a stroll into the heart of Surfers Paradise where restaurants, cafes, tours and beaches abound. YOU will actually be able to have a break because the kids are so well occupied. Time to yourself is so valuable as a single parent and something not many of us get SO TAKE ADVANTAGE. Save up and go, if only for a long weekend. You won’t regret it and I guarantee the kids will be begging you to go back again.

Single parent travel really doesn’t have to conjure up nightmares.

Trust me, this place rocks!





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