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This article was written in response to a story published by the Daily Mail titled: Hotel owners hit back at bad reviews. Read the full article here


David Brook, General Manager of family friendly Gold Coast hotel, Paradise Resort, was more than happy to respond to a comment on Trip Advisor (popular holiday rating website posted by a disgruntled holidaymaker last week.

Frustrated by the factually incorrect post written by the woman, Mr Brook, who is proud of his staff and the service they provide, replied saying "If there was a Trip Advisor for banned guests you'd be on it."

"I believe everyone is entitled to have their say and I applaud and welcome rating sites such as Trip Advisor but when a customer is posting information which is completely incorrect and demeaning my staff I will support the Resort's standards and service and respond accordingly," Mr Brook stated.

"In this such case, the family's behavior was not acceptable and they were politely informed it (the behavior) would not be tolerated. They were also advised that if they did not act in an appropriate manor and refrain from using abusive language they would be asked to leave. We had over 350 families staying at the resort at this time so my responsibility is to the overall experience for everyone staying and I need to take into consideration every family."




"We run an honest, family friendly resort that caters to over 30,000 families each year and pride ourselves on delivering an exciting, relaxing, affordable and happy holiday for children and parents alike and welcome all feedback whether good or bad,"

"We take our customer feedback very seriously which has shown in the many improvements and additions we have made over the years to both our facilities and services and acknowledge that we don't always get everything right. Recent improvements include the installation of a self service BBQ area, security cameras in the junior Kids Club and the introduction of an extensive entertainment program just for the parents all of which were customer recommendations".

"We as an industry are tired of being blackmailed and threatened by customers who come armed with a demand for compensation and threaten a bad review without allowing us the opportunity to rectify the situation. Whilst we acknowledge there are genuine concerns we feel there has been an increase in customer's across all industries who have nothing else in mind other than what they can get free".