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Grown up holidays don’t have to be a thing of the past


Posted in: Resort

Holidaying with kids usually means one of two things: you either find yourself stuck in your room fending off cries of "I'm bored" as you thrust an iPad in your children's hands, or you're gallivanting around town, visiting any theme park or activity centre you can find in an attempt to keep the kids entertained.

Either way it can be even more exhausting than staying at home, with any ideas of rest and relaxation quickly thrown out the window, let alone any quality time as a couple.

But grown up holidays don't have to be a thing of the past - and that doesn't mean leaving the kids with the grandparents either!

At Paradise Resort, both adults and children are covered, leaving everyone having a great time, at the same time.

Stepping inside reception is the first sign of things to come. A huge playground takes centre stage making check-in a breeze, unlike the usual tango required to keep bored children controlled while waiting in line.

After checking out the rooms which are truly designed for families - with a large living area, main bedroom and a kids bedroom including colourful double bunks and a gaming console - we headed promptly for the onsite water park.

Safe for young children, the two play areas provide hours of fun for kids and is located directly in front of tables and chairs and next to the restaurant and bar - meaning Paul and I could enjoy the sun and sip champagne, with the kids easily in view and having a ball.

Our baby girl was also able to sit in the water, safely splashing around, allowing me some beautiful one on one time with her.

In the evening we devoured a delicious dusk barbeque. Being surrounded by other families meant noisy kids weren't a problem (and neither was mess) and there was plenty of food on offer that they actually liked - a welcome break from chicken nuggets!

As the sun set, the entertainment began with a large screen playing music and two fantastic hosts leading dancing competitions for the kids. The boys were well taken care of while Paul and I were able to actually have a drink and a chat after our meal rather than making the usual brisk exit - a rare treat indeed!

In the morning we were treated to a fantastic breakfast, again without the worry of children's natural noise or our baby dropping her toast.

With a range of activities scheduled throughout the day, the kids took part in a scavenger hunt, which allowed them to think and learn as well as have fun.

It was back for a quick swim after that then back to the room to get changed for the boys' trip to the Kids Club.

Upon arrival they couldn't say goodbye quick enough - leaving us to embark on some real grown-up time.

Paul and I took a couple of cocktails poolside and relished the sun and serenity, with the peace of mind that the kids were just around the corner.

After enjoying a rare uninterrupted chat, some reading and just relaxing, I then took advantage of the mobile massage service.

This was literally one of the best massages I've ever had - and I've had a few! Facials and other skin treatments are also available.

Feeling absolutely divine, I went to collect the boys, who proudly wore their new hand-made hats and had plenty of tales to tell about their amazing time at Kids Club.

Another delicious dinner and amazing sleep left us full of energy for the next morning which included a yummy breakfast followed by two hours of ice skating.

Having only been ice skating once before, I had a blast zooming around with my two boys who - on their baby skates and support penguins - absolutely loved it.

The ice skating sessions really are a fantastic opportunity to have some genuine fun as a family.

The final night we chilled out in our room, the kids happily playing on the supplied video games, giving Paul and I time to chat and relax just as we would have during holidays pre-children.

Heading home the following morning after another scrumptious breakfast, Paul and I really felt like we'd had an actual holiday.

We'd relaxed, been pampered, soaked up the sun, enjoyed quality time both as a couple and as a family, and best of all, the kids had a fantastic time the entire time.

You can't ask for more than that.

Written by Nicole Madigan