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School Mum Does Paradise Resort … what we liked and didn’t like!


Posted in: Resort

We were lucky enough as a family of 5 to get the chance to visit Paradise Resort on the Gold Coast to write a review for School Mum to let you know what we thought.

We were not paid to write this review however we did not incur any expense during our stay at the resort.

Below is my review of what we thought was great and what we thought was not so great!!!

What was great!!

  • Seeing my kids play together for hours with only a few minor moments of bickering.
  • Not having to get in and out of the car to go to different activities with the kids and having them excited, amused and not nagging about being bored all day.
  • Deciding to get my fun mum (and togs) on and spending the morning going on slides and the water park with my 2 older girls. This was my best highlight as it was so nice to laugh, smile and have heaps of fun for a few hours with the girls without having to be the nagging parent.
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