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Paradise Resort Voted Best Hotel or Resort in Australia for Families With Special Needs


Posted in: Resort

Reinforcing the care, consideration and genuine welcome afforded all families, Paradise Resort has secured the Best Hotel or Resort in Australia for Families With Special Needs category in the 2018 Family Travel Awards.

While the Gold Coast resort icon warmly receives such prestigious national recognition, the greatest accolade and sense of satisfaction is drawn from the guests themselves.

The provision of ramps for both wheelchair and pram access into the resorts pools; plus a purpose-built, wheelchair-friendly room equipped with all appropriate amenities; Paradise Resort chefs cater to most dietary requirements and staff go out of the way to make everyones stay a memorable 

It continues to make my heart swell when parents of children with special needs enquire with little hope in their eyes of having their young ones involved

When I respond with; Not a problem, I usually have to repeat myself as the look of shock and surprise is replaced by the biggest smiles and unrivalled gratitude.

It really is an amazing experience and like most visitors to Paradise Resort we then see these families return again and again and have the pleasure of being a part of the young ones lives as they grow up.

Such is the rapport and trust built between Paradise Resort staff and parents over the years; its not uncommon during peak holiday periods for more than 10% of groups of 180-plus children being made up of individuals requiring special needs. 

And this unwavering confidence is built on an internal professional development program that requires stringent safeguards to alleviate any parental fears.

Our success is a reflection of the systems we have in place that require parents to fill out detailed forms that are kept by our Kids Club team for the duration of their stay and referred to before every program session, confirmed Paradise Resort CEO David Brook.

Children with special needs are easily identified by their smiley face name tag, and when required, those individuals can access one-on-one care for the duration of the program.

We conduct regular forums among our 40-plus Kids Club staff where groups will research special needs topics such as Autism, Asperger, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Asthma and numerous allergies, before presenting their findings for the benefit of the entire group.

In total, these educational forums coupled with a total understanding and delivery of each individuals needs ensures a relaxed and fun experience for the entire family every time. 

The Family Travel Awards are voted on by families and I congratulate our first-class staff who continue to uphold the amazing tradition of a Paradise Resort family holiday for all.