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Meet Our 2017 Employee of the year


Posted in: Resort

Charlene is 2017 Employee of the Year. She has worked tirelessly to ensure all our rooms are ready to welcome all the lovely guests that stay with us here at Paradise.

In 2017 Charlene took on the trainer role within the Housekeeping Department, taking all the new starters under her wing and showing them the ropes and she gets a giggle out of teaching them as well.

"I do a bit of training and with some the new housekeepers you know I send them down to the storeroom and it should be only like a minute there a minute back. And ten minutes later I am like ok, where are they? and then they turn back up and I go hey what happened? And they said we went the wrong way, and then in the end we just have a laugh about it. And it just relaxes them, because they come back all stressed out and they are like oh my gosh Charlene I am so sorry I got lost and I said it's all good, I knew that you would find your way back."

Charlene would have been working at Paradise for Ten Years this November and loves the friendliness in the Resort.

"I do love working here at the Resort, because everyone is on holiday, everyone is so happy so you+rsquo;re in a happy environment. And on top of that the staff are amazing. Like everyone will say hello to you no matter where you are at work, with whether you are marketing or housekeeping, or you know doesn't matter what department. And I find everyone really friendly and that's what I like about working here, this is why I have been here for this long."

The housekeeping department needs to stay fit to walk around all of the corridors, so outside of work Charlene enjoys participating in a Dance School.

"I do go to a dance school, spelt (Dance Skoo), and I do a fitness class there, and I love it. It's like Hip Hop dance hall moves and music, its pretty good."

Charlene is a model employee; caring, nurturing, a leader, mentor and person to look up to. Passion and dedication are two words that describe Charlene perfectly and it is no wonder one of her mentor's is Tennis Legend Roger Federer.

"I am tennis fan, and I love Roger Federer. He's just amazing, his personality, his role model, he just sets the bar and he's so excellent at everything, I love him. And he's got a daughter named Charlene spelt like that. He's got two sets of twin's boys and girls."

Find out a little more about Charlene.

Tell us one of your highlights from last year?
Well, my highlight would have been my twenty years marriage to my husband. We have been married twenty years last year and I am really proud of that.

Do you have a favourite food or drink?
I love cheese cakes and I do like Moscato wine.

Who is your favourite Paradise Resort Character?
Its not the characters, it+rsquo;s the ones that walk around like I like Superman. But he+rsquo;s not a character, I will just say Cleo, because she+rsquo;s so pretty.

What are the top 3 things families must do when staying here?
When you come to Paradise Resort, come to Planet Chill use the ice skating rink. And use the Waterpark as well come down here for the Waterpark, and also the Kids Club.

If a Genie gave you one wish, what would you wish for?
Well, I would want another million wishes. But honestly when your younger your wishes would be different, but when you get older my one wish would be for my children to have happy marriages, happy families and just live a happy life and be healthy.