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Get creative with the kids


With the school holidays coming up and the inspiration to keep the kids entertained running dry, you’re probably looking for fun ways to get creative with them. Thankfully, there are a handful of creative people who have done the hard work for you!

Hill Street Kids baking kits

Hill St are famous for their no stress, (relatively) no mess, downright good baking mixes – and their Kid’s Baking Kit is no exception. They’ve made it just the way they know that parents like it: no tricky bits, no nasties, just downright delicious fun. The instructions are simple, the ingredients are great and the results will have you wanting to get back in the kitchen time and time again.

Get yours here

Crockd pottery kits

If you’ve always wanted to try pottery but never quite known where to start, start with Crockd! Crockd kits can be air dried at home or fired in a kiln, and are completely beginner friendly. Each kit includes enough clay for two-plus people, sculpting tools, step-by-step instructions, video tutorials and clay breakers – their oh so cute conversation cards.

Get yours here

Crockd pottery kits


My NooK play sofa

NooK is the original Australian modular play sofa, coming complete with 10 individual pieces and unique zip-together base cushions. They’re designed to be able to be pulled apart and put back together in infinite combinations, be it a cubby house, a boat, an art studio… you name it! They’re Aussie made and ecologically sound, giving your kids the freedom and creativity to play however they want.

Get yours here

My NooK Play Sofa

Apollo Jackson Street Magic kit

Whether your kids are captivated by magic or are yet to dip their toe in the water, they’ll learn mind-blowing magic tricks with the help of Apollo Jackson. This jam-packed kit features over 100 easy-to-learn street magic miracles for kids aged eight and up, like self-tying shoelaces, vanishing ink, card magic and more.

Get yours here

Apollo Jackson Street Magic Kit

Tribe of Asteria Paint and Play kit

Founded during the long months of Melbourne lockdown, Tribe of Asteria’s Paint and Play cubby allows parents to keep their kids’ creativity and imaginations running free despite being confined to their homes. This easy-to-assemble, 100% recycled cardboard play station comes in two different styles: cactus or rainbow. It can be set up quickly and packed down easily, allowing it to be stored without fuss.

Get yours here

Tribe of Asteria Paint and Play Kit

Credit – @contenthaven

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