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Dining at Paradise Resort just got even easier!

Skip the queue and order online

You really can’t have a great family holiday without great food. No matter where you stay, certain holiday routines are established from the moment you check in – and most of them centre on family mealtimes.

Just ask Nine Honey travel reporter Jo Abi, who enjoyed a family holiday at Paradise Resort earlier this year.

“Whenever my kids and I travel we quickly establish a special routine, usually revolving around food,” writes Jo. “Once we know what we are going to eat, where and when, we can relax and enjoy whatever exciting destination we are at.”

Jo Abi from Nine Honey

Sound familiar?

Knowing that, like Jo, many families find that the intricacies of mealtimes dominate much of their holidays, our team at Paradise Resort has decided to make the dining experience even easier for guests.

We’ve teamed up with OrderUp to provide an easy, convenient way to order food and drinks online. Perhaps you’re lounging by the pool craving a mocktail, or you’ve got tired kids in tow after a big day of sightseeing? We’ve put the power to feed your family quickly and easily at your fingertips.

“My children are not the most patient of people, particularly when it comes to food,” says Jo. “I don’t even tell them I have ordered dinner or they’ll ask about a million times, ‘When is it coming? When is it coming? MUM I AM STARVING’. Instead, there is just a knock at the door and they tuck in, leaving me in peace and quiet to enjoy my dinner as well.”

It’s true – online food delivery has revolutionised family dinners. Gone are the days of driving out to pick up takeaway for Friday night dinner. Now, at the touch of a button you can feed the family a delicious meal without ever having to wait in line, or even leave the house!

We figured why not apply the same principal here at Paradise Resort? Our partnership with OrderUp means guests – just like Jo – can avoid having to go down to one of our on-site restaurants, place their order and wait until it’s ready. Instead, they simply hop onto their phone, choose their meals and get notified when it’s ready to be picked up.

Convenient and easy, guests can view the menus in advance, saving time and patience waiting in line – often with hungry kids in tow. If you’re heading back to the resort late at night, with a few simple taps you can have dinner ready and waiting to be picked up when you walk through the door.

“Paradise Resort on the Gold Coast seems to understand each parent’s pain in regards to our children and their endless demands,” says Jo. “The first meal we ordered when we arrived was pizza and we didn’t have to wait at all. The stay uses an online ordering platform and in-room app called OrderUp, which allowed me to order the pizzas while we unpacked. I received a message when they were ready, popped down and collected them.”

Easy as! You don’t even need an app or tablet to order – simply scan the QR code on your phone and the menus will pop up instantly. From there, you can order from one of our many on-site offerings, whether it’s Penguins Restaurant, Jerry’s Burgers or Deb’s Pizza Shack.

It’s a new, super easy way to enjoy the delicious Paradise Resort meals you know and love. Who wouldn’t want a Big Jerry burger after a day of adventuring around Surfers Paradise, a tandoori chicken pizza poolside or breakfast in bed in the form of Canadian French toast or waffles from Penguins Restaurant – all without having to line up to order?

Our partnership with OrderUp promises less time spent waiting, and more time spent enjoying your holiday. After all, isn’t that why you chose to stay at Paradise Resort?!

View the menu and order online

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