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Paradise Resort does the CEO Sleepout

Thanks to the rise in property prices and the decrease in affordable housing options, more and more Queenslanders are facing homelessness. After losing their rentals and homes, adults and children are turning to couch surfing or sleeping on the streets, in cars and cardboard boxes.

No one should have to live like this.

Knowing that thousands of Queenslanders are sleeping rough for the first time ever, the team at Paradise Resort took part in Vinnies CEO Sleepout. It was one night of our lives, but it was life-changing for so many.

“Providing accommodation is what we do for a living,” says Paradise Resort General Manager David Brook. “Vinnies CEO Sleepout highlighted that there was an opportunity for us to give back to our community and raise money to put a roof over the heads of those in need.”

On June 23, 2022, seven managers – including David Brook himself – participated in the annual CEO Sleepout. Along with David, Danielle Collett (Human Resources), Lars Svensk (Food and Beverage), Roland Pavoni (Executive Chef), Mathew May (Operations), Rebecca Lane (Reservations) and Alicia Szerszyn (Sales and Marketing) all slept ‘rough’ for one night, on only a piece of cardboard.

The idea behind the fundraiser is for executives to reflect on the experiences of those living below the poverty line, or without secure accommodation. Coupled with the donations made by friends, family members and colleagues, the CEO Sleepout provides an invaluable opportunity to raise funds and awareness of homelessness in Australia.

“The Gold Coast prides itself of being the tourism capital of Australia with a wide range of accommodation options for all budgets, yet we also have one of the highest rates of homelessness,” says David. “With CEO Sleepout Gold Coast retaining 100 percent of the funds raised, we felt that this was a great opportunity to get our team involved and maximise our fundraising opportunities.”

We are over halfway to our fundraising goal of $22,000, with David having already beaten his $4,000 goal by raising a whopping $5,279.35.

With the help of our sponsors, Team Paradise Resort has already helped to provide 36 individual support programs, 95 beds and 380 meals to homeless Queenslanders – and we won’t stop there. 

You can still donate to our effort at


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